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Agencies Trust Us To Develop For Their Clients:

Fused Sync is the faster, more secure and more reliable way to integrate

Completely Customisable Contact & Record Matching

The key to truly successful syncing between systems is ensuring records are matched correctly to prevent split or broken data – and unlike other syncing systems, our record matching is completely customisable.

  1. You Choose The Criteria – this can be an internal system ID, or a set of cascading rules, with our most popular structure being:
    1. Internal System ID
    2. Email, then lower can version of the email
    3. Phone Number, then phone number stripped of all formatting
  2. Contact, Company, Order, Opportunity & Product Matching – We can add personal identifiers and deduping rules on all types of tables inside Infusionsoft to improve the quality of the data syncing and the accuracy of Infusionsoft reporting.

Three Levels Of Advanced Integration & Two-Way Data

We are able to integrate Infusionsoft with systems in one, or a combination of, three ways – plus feed data back into your own system:

  1. Sync Data As It Happens Via Webhooks – as data changes in the system you want to integrate, it is immediately updated and reflected inside Infusionsoft.
  2. Regularly Sync Records Via APIs – we can pull and query data at a certain frequency via available web APIs for cloud-based applications
  3. Send Data Using Database Exports & CSVs – for proprietary, or other systems that don’t have an API, we can regularly check FTP locations for CSV files, or accept such files over FTP, at your desired frequency.
  4. Get Data Back Into Your Own System – we can send record IDs, or whatever data you want back into your own system on completion of our data sync.

Sync Dashboard Puts Data At Your Fingertips

Our simple dashboard gives a simple snapshot of what’s been happening, with your sync, including key information you and your team may need. This includes:

  1. No. Records Synced – including contacts, orders, opportunities for each sync
  2. No. Matched & Created Records – on a sync-by-sync basis to ensure data-matching is 100% accurate
  3. Error Notices & Log – so you can see records with issues, rectify them and resync as needed.

Ultimate Reliability With Multiple Layers Redundancy

When syncing large amounts of data, a simple API bug or error can cause havoc with the accuracy of data synced, and take days to rectify. Fused Sync rectifies this with multiple layers of redundancy:

  1. Record Level Processing – rather than processing each sync as a large chunk, we break each sync into a record-by-record process. This means that one poor or misformed record does not stop the syncing of all records that record is simply skipped and retried later, or reported as erroneous.
  2. Sync & Record Level Redundancy – it is not uncommon for either datasource or for the Infusionsoft API to go down for short periods. Unfortunately, if this is in the middle of a sync, it can mean thousands of missed records. Our system has the capability to retry entire syncs and individual records on a one-by-one basis should this happen – based on your preferences.

Advanced Data Security

Fused Sync was built with security in mind from the start to ensure your customers data is secure. Our security measures include:

  1. Process Then Delete Methodology – as soon as we have processed and synced a record into Infusionsoft, we remove that data from our system completely, simply retaining a single contact identification code with no personal or other data.
  2. No Public Facing Architecture – there is no public facing components in our system, with all reporting done using a seperate, external code and databases. This means that people looking to do harm have a much more difficult time finding any ways into our system as they can’t see it.
  3. HTTPS Security – all our servers run over https with industry-leading 2048-bit connection encryption.


Monthly Record


(~150 Day)

Power User

(~500 Day)


(~2,000 Day)

One-Time Setup Fee: $500-900 depending on the platform you want to sync and your requirements.

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  1. Have you worked with X platform/software system/plugin?

    We have worked with hundreds of systems over the last 8 years and there is a very high likelihood we have built with yours. Having said that, just like a good builder can work with a variety of materials, to build all different types of house – we can work with lots of systems to build all types of integrations.

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No Obligation - Fast, Accurate & Reliable